About Cult of the Plush Gnome

Cult of the Plush Gnome is a World of Warcraft® Alliance Guild on the Windrunner Realm and the recently merged Darrowmere Realm. These Realms are on a West Coast Server and operate on Pacific Daylight/Standard Time. 

Cult of the Plush Gnome is currently accepting applications for all levels, classes, and specs.

CPG is an established guild with a focus on maintaining a mature and responsible community that has fun in all aspects of WoW.  We are a guild of diverse interests and have built a respectful and responsible community since 2007.  We aren't the best at any one thing, but we do have a lot of fun.  Members are free to sign up for whatever catches their interest.  We occasionally organize crazy-fun social events.  We have some interest in PVP but no organized groups at this time.  We organize 'retro-raids' for fun and achievements.

- Ages 21 +

- Casual Raiding Environment

- Two raid timers every week

- Alt friendly

- Anti-drama policy

By casual raiding environment we mean we do not consider ourselves a 'Raiding Guild'.  Our aim is to be inclusive and get all interested raiders into our raids.  If this means taking turns, being asked to bring an alt, or ending up with some crazy class balances we go with it...and we have fun.

We currently raid on Friday and Saturday nights.  Both raids start between 7:00-7:30p.m. PST/PDT.  Each raid usually goes for 2 to 3 hours.  Times posted are Realm time.  When we have enough players, ability, and interest we will set up another raid timer.

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Love is in the Air Social - 2017

by Laseirna, 16 hours ago

Fun was had by all!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped put this together and to everyone that came to play!

Congrats to all the contest winners!

Kudos to all who participated in the Costume Contest. We had some truly spectacular costumes this year! Great job everyone!

Costume Contest Winners:

Funniest: Stabbie and Kajmi (2 person costume)

Love is in the Air: Whippen (Roxy)

True to Class: Ely 

Anything Goes: Whippen (Roxy)


Winner Death Drop in Trade Dist (onto Love Booth):

Closest: Dohjoe


Some pictures from the evening are posted in the Gallery Forum under 2017 Love Social.  My pics aren't the best - if you have some you'd like to post please do so or if you need help with that let Stabbie or me know.

Thanks for a great party!



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